Hemorrhoids; is a disease that makes the patient uncomfortable with the drop, swelling and bleeding of the hemorrhoid which controls defecation in theanal channel.

There are two types of it as Internal Hemorrhoids and External Hemorrhoids and it is important to know something about the disease. The diagnosis of external hemorrhoids can relatively be easy, but it may not be possible without any knowledge about that.

Internal Hemorrhoids and Basic Symptoms
In simple words, it is a type of hemorrhoids when looking at the external side of anus, it cannot be understood, but there can be dropping during defecation.

In the first phases of the disease, there is no dropping. Growing hemorrhoidal tissue can harden and there can be little bleeding.

In the second phase, there can be bleeding with defecation and little dropping. After some rest and waiting, the dropping will stop.

In the last phases, the tissue must be pushed into again or it will be outside for ever. In these phases, there are too much pain, bleeding, and inflammation so life may be hard fort he patience.

External Hemorrhoids and Basic Symptoms
It can be diagnoses when it is looked outside of the anus. The size can be negligible but if it is not taken measures, it could be very big. There will be dropping from the first phases of the disease so it is easy to diagnose. However, whether it is external or internal could be known just by the doctors.

It may not be seen as a dangerous disease as the people do not talk it about so much but according to recent researches done by taking into considerations food habits and living conditions, the risk of the disease for the people above 25 is 50%. It can be overcome with a good food planning at the first phases, but it is not possible to get rid of them without any treatment at last phases. Therefore, the risk of the disease is very low if people are careful what they eat or what they do.

The Reasons for Hemorrhoids

Excessive Weight – Obesity
The excessive weight can cause pressure on the veins of theanus in the sitting position. So this may result in hemorrhoids because of the damaged tissues.

Malnutrition – Constipation
If someone does not eat fibrous food or drink enough water, they can be constipated. In the case of constipation, straining could cause pressure on veins of theanus and it may result in hemorrhoids. So we can say that so much straining could cause unintended consequences.

After 28 weeks of pregnancy, the pressure on pelvic veins can result in hemorrhoids. However, it is temporal and it doesn’t act up if the person is careful about foods.

Sitting Too Long
For their work, people sit too long and it causes pressure on anus and veins in it and it result in swelling because of the hypostatic. Excessive weight and malnutrition and also sitting too long can increase the risk of the disease.

Anal Sex
During the anal sex, there could be pressure on veins and tissues and it causes damages to them so it could result in hemorrhoids.

Getting Old
The risk for hemorrhoids can increase with increasing age.