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What are the Harmful Foods for Hemorrhoids Patience?

A hemorrhoid is a disease that is not talked about so much, but almost 50% of the people can suffer from it. The biggest reason why it is not talked about so much is the privacy of patience. However, another reason for it is that it can be prevented with a healthy and good diet at the beginning of the disease. So several people may face with this problem and get rid of them.

Hemorrhoids patients should consume more fibrous food and drink plenty of water. Well, what should they eat?

Constipation is one of the main reasons for hemorrhoids. So, it is important to keep away from the foods that can trigger constipation. Drinking too much coke, coffee, tea and consuming more protein food and not eating green food make hemorrhoids much harder and worse.

  • It should be preferred fiber-rich foods. White bread and anything made from white flour should not be consumed.
  • Alcohol should not be consumed and do not smoke. Because they make the blood flow much slower and cause anembolism. When you think the reason for hemorrhoids is slow blood flow, then you can have an idea how much dangerous it is.
  • It should be kept away from junk foods, sausage, and sugar foods. Anything causing embolism are extremely dangerous at this phase.
  • Foods with saturated fat are very risky because they can make intestine harden and transition can be very hard.
  • Spices could not affect directly the hemorrhoids, but they can cause much more pain, bleeding, and ache. Especially hot pepper and kinds of it can increase the bleeding at the instant.
  • Salt one of the main reasons for hemorrhoids. Too much salt can increase the blood pressure which means it increases the tension and cause much more pressure on veins. So this triggers the hemorrhoids.
  • After all these things on the list, the result is to have a healthy and more natural diet. However, this is a must for hemorrhoid patience. While you are healthy, please pay attention your diet.