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Types and levels of hemorrhoids

People do not know so many things about hemorrhoids. It could be just because it crosses the privacy limits. However, not knowing anything about the disease and trying to avoid from treatment make the treatment much harder and more tiring. That’s why, we want to give some information about hemorrhoids.

External Hemorrhoids
There are piles of the size of alentil to the size of anegg and they are outside of anus so it is possible to contact them by hand. It makes trouble visually, but there is little or no pain.

Internal Hemorrhoids
Hemorrhoid piles make dropping and swallows in the anus channel. They can cause pain, itching and etc. There are four levels of the disease and in the last phases there can be outside of the anus.

1stLevelInternal Hemorrhoids
It is not possible to see or feel by hand. They may cause itching and pain and there can be alittle bleeding.

2ndLevelInternal Hemorrhoids
There will not be serious problems except for some bleeding. However, in this level, there may be bleeding with defecation or squeezing. Furthermore, the piles can go outside by defecation or straining. To push them inside, just be in a standing position and stand up.

3rd LevelInternal Hemorrhoids
Different from the 2nd level, it could be hard to push the piles inside without an intervention by hand. Moreover, there can be continuing itching, pain, wetness.

4th LevelInternal Hemorrhoids
In this level, thedisease is now an external hemorrhoids and it could not be possible to push the piles inside even by hand. Moreover, life can be unbearable with so much pain and sitting problems.