As it is not talked about the hemorrhoids so much, it is like a taboo. However, according to recent researches done by taking into considerations food habits and living conditions, the risk of the disease for the people above 25 is 50%. So it means that several people catch up this disease but it could be overcome at the first phases and it weren’t realized.

It is possible to prevent hemorrhoids with a good food program and early diagnosis. However, it is important that people should see the symptoms and consult a doctor without losing time.

Common Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

There can be pressure on swallowed anus veins after the defecation. It is an important detail for early diagnosis of the disease.

It is one of the most important symptoms of internal hemorrhoids which is hard to diagnose. There can be itchiness on the anus hole because of the liquid like mucus coming from swallowed veins in the anus.

It can be bleeding because of too much pressure on the swallowed veins. It is an important symptom fort his diagnosis of internal hemorrhoids. In the first phases of thedisease, there can be alittle blood on the toilet paper but in the oncoming phases, there can be blood on underwear or maybe on the stools.

It is a sign of it after itchiness, ailment, and little bleeding, but it can be different for each person. There can be ache with the pressure of muscles to the swallowed veins contacting with muscles.

As the pressure on veins increase during the defecation, it is possible to feel some pain. If this pain is chronic, it is better to observe other symptoms and see a doctor.

Dropping – Ventricosity
A little bulge or swallow on the anus can be the first signs of hemorrhoids. It is good to see a doctor if the difference which can be controlled by hand during cleaning of the area is becoming permanent.