Hemorrhoids are a problem that can be overcome even with good nutrition and medication, but there is hardly any treatment chance it is progressed. Many people avoid the process of after-treatment of hemorrhoids as it generally causes a difficult period after treatment so they always want to delay it. However, hemorrhoids treatment can be non-surgical and it can be overcome in an easy way thanks to the new developments in technology.

One of the most common and safest treatment methods of Non-surgical Hemorrhoids Treatment is the galvanization method. It is developed for especially internal hemorrhoids and anyone may pull through it thanks to this method.

In the Treatment of Hemorrhoids with Galvanization Method, galvanic current is practiced to piles in the level of milliamp. This current can eliminate the piles or make them very small and causes to start a chemical reaction. It can be eliminated or become very small in 7-14 days. In every step, it is possible to get rid of hemorrhoids thanks to the treatment methods for it.

The treatment takes time, about 10-12 minutes; during-and-after the practice, it feels little or no pain according to anatomical structure of hemorrhoids. Moreover, it is possible to get rid of it without either a need for preparation process or general anesthesia. It is possible just with balanced diet and taking care of daily life.

If you have this problem, which several people have, and you want to get rid of it as soon as possible, but you think the treatment can be painful and delay it; you can get answers for your all questions by contacting with us. If it is possible to treat your hemorrhoids in a non-operative way, you can be treated in minutes and you can continue you daily routine.