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Methods of hemorrhoids treatment

Basic Precautions
It is possible to take precautions by changing the eating habits, consuming more fibrous foods, drinking more water in a day, keeping away from the unhealthy food for hemorrhoids, moving and using ahip bath.

Cream and Medication

Hemorrhoids medicinesandhemorrhoidscreamcan be given by the approval of doctors at the first phases of the disease. It can give positive results when it is usedwith eating properly and some precautions in daily life.

Ligation Treatment
Swallowed hemorrhoids veins are vacuumed and tied with an elastic material. The head part will rot out after a while because there is no blood flow. The treatment is not so painful but during rotting out there can be bleeding and the risk of infection is high.

This is one of the first types of treatments and it is very easy to practice. It is practiced at the first phases of the disease and a chemical is injected into the anus channel in order to absorb the veins. However, it is not a common method as there is a possibility of relapse of disease after the treatment.

It is a surgical method. After the extraction of hemorrhoids pile, there will be no suture so that’s why it is named like that. Success rate is very high, but recovery time could be 3-4 weeks.

Closed Hemorrhoidectomy
Unlike the open one, there will be sutures after the extraction. Recovery time is 2 weeks, but there could be pain and bleeding during the recovery time.

Infrared Coagulation
It is a treatment method with laser as the name known by the people. By providing the heat effect with the help of infrared, there can be a closure on glomerulus. It is an effective and easy method, but it is practiced for the patience at the first phases.

Bipolar Coagulation
In this method, hemorrhoids veins are cut off via electrical current. The disadvantage of the practicing is more expensive than other methods.

Galvanization Method
It is a very popular method in recent years. Positive or negative galvanic current is practiced on the piles. It can result in cutting off hemorrhoids or make them very small. The treatment period is very short and it doesn’t affect your daily life. Only negative thing about this method is that it cannot be practiced for all kinds of hemorrhoids.