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How is the medical examination of hemorrhoids practiced?

There is so many patients who avoid going to doctor not only when there are basic symptoms of hemorrhoids like itching and alittle pain but also even when the hemorrhoids start to bleed and drop. However, it cannot be possible to prevent it with a few basic precautions after a certain phase and it is needed a surgical intervention. It is a taboo for several people but if the disease starts to progress, the patience could feel more pain and there will be a need for surgery. So, early diagnosis of hemorrhoids is very important and that’s why the medical examination is a must.

How is the medical examination of hemorrhoids practiced? Is there any need for preparation?

The patience feels comfortable if he/she relieves himself/herself. Moreover, there is a need for cleaning of the anus area as the medical examination will be by hand and visually so it makes feel the patience and the doctor comfortable.

For the medical examination of hemorrhoids, the doctor will have knowledge about the complaint of the person via the questions of him/her. And if it is needed, there will be a treatment by hand and visually.

For the diagnosis of hemorrhoids, the piles should be seen. For this, the patience should lean forward on her/his knees and get the knee-elbow position. During this, the skin of anus can be made larger to see clearly. This is enough for the diagnosis of external hemorrhoids.

If there is no diagnosis and it is worried about hemorrhoids in the visual examination, firstly there can be aneed for a basic control called rectal examination done by finger. It can be seen as so discomfortable, but as lubricant will be put on fingertips and anus and it takes alittle time, it won’t be a tiring practicing. More relax the patience are during this control, quicker the treatment will be.

If visual examination and medical examination by hand are not enough, there could be a need for control with a device called hose into the large intestine under the name of anoscopy, rectosigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy.