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Hemorrhoids in Pregnancy

Hemorrhoids are kind of disease of varicosity. The blood flow became slower and swallowed on the veins at the last part of theanus and large intestine. Moreover, there will be dropping and distension as the tissues in this area become weak.

Food habits, age factor, sitting too long, excessive weight and etc. are the reasons fort he development of it and one of the other reasons is pregnancy.

Especially in the 28th week of pregnancy, the possibility of hemorrhoids is high because of the gaining weight, changing food habits and etc. However, the main reason is that the internal pressure on veins under the body. Moreover, growing uterus cause pressure on veins and the pressure increases more and more then it can trigger the hemorrhoids with varicosity on legs.

How Can Be Getting Rid of Hemorrhoids in Pregnancy?
Fort he treatment of hemorrhoids in pregnancy, hemorrhoids can be extracted from the body with surgical operation or medication. It may be enough to do some change in food habits and on daily routine thanks to early diagnosis. In addition to these, one of the latest technologic developments is hemorrhoids treatment with galvanization method and it can be practiced safely. Choosing the method of treatment can be different according to the level of disease, type of hemorrhoids and the situation of patience. However, the first thing to do about that is to pay attention for food habits by being aware of the risk.

What to Do In Order To Prevent Hemorrhoids in Pregnancy?
* Constipation can be one of the main reasons for hemorrhoids. The risk for hemorrhoids in pregnancy is higher than normal time so expectant mothers should try not to constipate. In order to do this, they should drink plenty of water, eat more fibrous foods, keep away from peppery foods and processed foods, consume more greens and if it is needed, it is important to take medicine by the approval of doctor.

* One of the most important precautions for the treatment of hemorrhoids is to do Kegel exercise. For this exercise, one should put his/her finger into the vagina and try to tighten the finger with muscles. Doing this exercise for 70-80 times in a day make blood flow faster and reduce the risk of hemorrhoids.

* If there is hemorrhoids onset, the person can buy a hip bath to prevent the progression of disease and it makes the treatment process much easier.

* The first thing to do is to consult a doctor if there is hemorrhoids onset. It is important to push into the piles after lubricating if the piles can go outside after defecation.