Is it possible to practice Non-operative hemorrhoids treatment (galvanization method) for all hemorrhoids types?
It is possible to practice this method for several types of hemorrhoids. You can contact our experts to know whether the treatment is suitable for you or not.
How much safe is the treatment?
It has been practicing for 20 years and FDA approved. It is enough to have an opinion that it is practiced without anesthesia, bistoury and you can go onwith your daily routine.
How many sessions does the practicing take?
One practicing for 12 minutes is enough for treatment. However, it can be different according to person or the level of disease.
How Much is the Cost of Treatment?
The cost will be different according to phase of disease. However, the cost of non-operative hemorrhoids treatment will be more reasonable than surgical operation and recovery time after that.
How many days does it take for full recovery?
You can go on your Daily routine like going to the toilet or eating after the practicing. However, there will be need for 7-14 days fort he recovery of anus channel and reduction of hemorrhoids
Do I have any problem about defecation after the practicing?
There will be no narrowing of anus channel or no problem about defecation or encopresis because of the treatment.
Do I need to be on medication?
It is possible to get over the disease without any medication or painkiller.