Non-Surgical Hemorrhoids - Piles Treatment

rect_imgWhat is Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoid is a disease that veins in the anus area becomes bigger like varicosity and goes outside of the anus. The risk rate of the disease for adult people is 50%.

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rect_imgSymptoms of Hemorrhoids

The most common symptoms of hemorrhoids are dropping piles, bleeding, itching, ache, pain, and flix. It can be overcome without any surgical intervention if it is diagnosed early.

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rect_imgNon-surgical Treatment

Hemorrhoids treatment can be in a non-operative way and no need for extra recovery time, surgical intervention, and anesthesia.

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rect_imgWhy Non-surgical Treatment?

Treatment can be practiced in 12 minutes with no need for surgery.

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The Advantages of Non-Surgical Hemorrhoids Treatment


Painless, no bleeding and no need to rest after the treatment.

It is not possible to feel pain during and after the treatment. It is possible to continue your daily routine.

No need to medical dressing after treatment.

It is possible to extract it in 10-15 minutes without any need for investigation or long operations.

FDA approved

This method has been practiced for 20 years and it is FDA approved. There is no need for surgery and you won’t feel any pain. After the treatment and you can go to the toilet and go to your daily life.

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